About Home Deal Search

About Home Deal Search
By Scott Wright Google

About Home Deal Search – Home Deal Search aka: www.HomeDealSearch.com is a mobile website devoted to wholesale real estate deals. Home Deal Search is intended to be a developing mobile app, mobile website and dedicated website. The site is being grown by wholesale real estate investors, wholesale real estate buyers and wholesale real estate sellers.

About Home Deal Search

One of our goals we want to share with you today is our vision of growth for HomeDealSearch.com that you can easily become a part of. At the moment we have assigned STATE CATEGORIES. In other words as you learn about Home Deal Search, if you have any developing knowledge you will quickly see that there are clearly 52 USA STATE categories. If you would like to develop a section of this website/mobile app/mobile website for your own real estate flipping business or other related business you can!

About Home Deal Search – How To Claim A City & State

The primary goal is to get wholesale real estate opportunities around the USA out to the public. This is something Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and all the others really don’t successfully do. Real Estate Flippers don’t really have a viable option to sharing their available opportunities to USA Investor Buyers. So, here is the deal. If you want to help us develop this site we would be happy to assist you in claiming a CITY for yourself here. A simple place to post links to your property photos, have a simple description of the property and send your prospective buyers to have a look. In addition to the people you send to your section of this site you also will gain traffic and visibility on HomeDealSearch from all the other wholesalers doing the same. As we grow and grow so will your online exposure. That is the vision of www.HomeDealSearch.com. That is what it is all about home deal search vision.

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