Nasty St Louis Home

Nasty St Louis Home
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Sell your nasty St Louis home and turn your nightmare into some fast cash. It is really simple. Just call us and tell us about your nasty St. Louis home. Give us all the nasty details please and we will make you a cash offer. Simple as that. Best way to get rid of a nasty St Louis Home is to call: 214-702-2941 today!


If you are in the mood to get rid of your nasty St. Louis home, duplex, lot, land, apartment building or any other St. Louis real estate we are ready to listen to you. Because, if you are ready to sell it we are ready to make you an offer. We buy nasty St. Louis Homes. It’s our thing. We see a mess, a code enforcement lien or a nasty home we get excited. No joke! We just love buying St. Louis Real Estate. So, don’t be afraid that your property is too nasty or gross. Give us a chance to look it over before you give up hope of selling it. 214-702-2941


We meet people everyday to say to us “Why would anyone invest in nasty St. Louis”? It pisses us off to tell you the truth. St. Louis has so much historical beauty. The homes people refer to as “nasty St. Louis houses” can be restored and turned into a beautiful place to live. It is a very expensive venture but it is better in our opinion than tearing the nasty house down.

Why would anyone invest in nasty St Louis


The Nasty House Buyer… It’s a title I never thought I would be proud of. Heck, I kind of like being called the St. Louis Nasty House Buyer. These days, I wear that title like it is a badge of courage. As dumb as it sounds I enjoy being part of the solution instead of part of the problem. In fact, that that mess of a property, that nasty St Louis house is like a gem to me.

Help Restore St. Louis While Earning 12% Interst Safely. Layered Security In Place.

For the owner it is just the opposite. It is a complete nightmare. A problem that they can not possibly hope to fix on their own. The best thing they can do is get a little cash for it and do something fun with the money. That is what I am here to do. Help people get some cash and get out from under their nasty St. Louis Houses.

Our St. Louis Investor Partners Earn 12% Interest On Their Money!

I am totally here for you. 214-702-2941. If I miss your call I have a wonderful message machine that will send your message right to my cell phone. I promise, I will call you right back!


Nasty St Louis Home


Sell Your Nasty St. Louis Home Quickly


Providing a fast way to sell a nasty St Louis home is what we do best. Not many people know about our service. However, we are not new to this at all. Since 2001 we have been buying nasty homes. Most people are surprised to hear that in 2018 we are still doing the same old thing.

Flat out, we are buying up those nasty St. Louis properties and finding ways to fix them in most cases. Sometimes of course, they need to be torn down so a new home can be built but our primary goal is to save the St. Louis homes. We love the old houses. So if they can be renovated and fixed that is what we want to do.


Fixing up a nasty St Louis home is a matter of pride for us. If your property is falling down on itself or possibly going to become a danger to the children in your community…..



A Nasty St Louis Home Can Be Very Dangerous!


  • Crimes Occur In Abandoned Homes
  • Rape Can Happen In A Nasty St Louis Home
  • Gang Violence
  • Arson & Accidental Fires
  • Children Can Fall Through The Floors
  • Get Cut On Broken Glass From The Windows
  • Shootings Can Take Place
  • The Roof Can Collapse On Someone
  • Electrocution
  • Suffocation In Basements
  • Rabid Animal Attacks (bats, dogs, squirrels, raccoon, rats)

The owners are legally responsible for any accident, injury or death that occurs on the property. Especially if it is a nasty house that has been abandoned by the owners. Don’t let this happen to anyone. Take responsibility and give us a call so we can help you. 214-702-2941

If you own a nasty St Louis Home – Don’t let it own you!


We are here to help you with all your St. Louis real estate problems. We will buy your nasty St. Louis home and save you from the endless headaches that this ongoing problem is bringing you. We don’t judge. We just help. So don’t be afraid or hesitate to call us today. You will feel so much better after we talk.


We Love Nasty St Louis Houses!


We want to turn St. Louis neighborhoods back into nice,safe and happy places for families to live. Nasty St. Louis homes can become a safe place for new families to live. It just takes two people to start this process. You and Me.

Today, we can help you free yourself up from the mess your real estate has become for you. Together we can begin the process of getting past this property that has been such a burden to you. Most likely, we can give you some money to help ease that pain and get you going. I hope I hear from you today. Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to HOME DEAL SEARCH for featuring my NASTY ST LOUIS HOME webpage. I love your service guys! Thank you, thank you thank you….


Good Bye

Nasty St Louis Home


Call me today!



Here to help you turn your nasty house into some cash. Lets get going. The longer you wait…. the worse the problem gets! Don’t put this off another day. There is no reason to be scared or nervous about selling your home. Believe me, we have seen worse in the past. So your property is not going to shock us. Ready to hear from you now.





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